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Snow, ice and freezing rain combined with winter winds can cause galloping of over-head conductors which often result in maintenance and operation issues such as structural damage to towers, insulators and fittings, as well as costly power outages due to flash-over and clashing of phases. When galloping occurs, inertial forces act upon our anti-galloping damper products which results in a rotation of the conductor. This action causes the airfoil of ice present to shed aerodynamic lift and effectively reduce or eliminate galloping amplitude altogether.

For T&D Design Professionals:

During the PLS-CADD line design process when violations are present under the galloping criteria, do not always attempt to solve these issues with (1) additional structures, (2) increasing conductor tension, (3) shorter span lengths or (4) increasing or reconfiguring the phase spacing. When engineering for a new over-head circuit, line rebuild or re-conductoring project, our cost effective anti-galloping devices can provide you with the most prudent and simplest of solutions to eliminate single or double loop galloping ellipse overlap.

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